Blender's "make it pretty" button for armatures imported from VRoidStudio.
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VRoidBones for Blender

Blender's "make it pretty" button for armatures imported from VRoidStudio.

Look at this armature this is ugly as hell!! Bones are not properly connected to each other, have weird names, and does not match blender's left/right bone naming convention.

This addon addresses exactly these issues, with a single button press armature becomes nice and pretty. Plus, it can setup inverse kinematics and finger constraints for you, so you can dive straight into animating your character!


  1. Download latest release from releases page
  2. Open Blender 2.8 or higher
  3. Navigate to edit -> preferences -> addons
  4. Click Install... button and choose the downloaded zip archive
  5. Check VRoid Bones addon in the list
  6. Enjoy!


  • Fix bone symmetry naming
  • Simplify bones' names
  • Remove unneeded leaf bones
  • Properly connect bones
  • Setup Inverse kinematics
  • Setup fingers constraints
  • Setup rotation limits


First of all you need a model from VRoidStudio. Make whatever character you want and export it in .vrm format. Then rename exported file to [whatever].glb . Now you can import it into blender with GLTF/GLB importer. After you do that, select character's armature and go into edit mode. In the N Panel you can find a Misc tab where all the addon's controls are. By default it does full cleanup and does not require changing a thing, just press Fix Armature button.